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Overwhelmed by feature requests in your issue tracker?
We designed the Suggestion Box to address this problem.

The Suggestion Box is a dedicated website where your users can vote for and comment on other users' feedback.
This makes your community self-managed: you can then pick up and develop suggestions that you know will make a difference.

The underlying conviction behind this approach is that a feature request is not a bug. Issue workflows are not adapted to handling them as your community gets bigger.

BlueMind's case

BlueMind developed the Suggestion Box because we had plenty of feature requests, many of them redundant or addressing the same basic need with different approaches. The development backlog was huge, and it was getting harder and harder to keep a good vision of our users' real needs.

The Suggestion Box workflow is designed to:

A self-managed user community

There is no community manager for the Suggestion Box: the community is self-managed.

We only need to select among the top suggestions when expanding our product features: job done.

Visit the BlueMind Suggestion Box!

Jira as back-end

Because we're happy Atlassian software users, Jira was the back-end of choice for our Suggestion Box. The integration relies on JIRA's REST API.

This architecture makes it easy for us to integrate top suggestions into our Jira Agile workflow.